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Dianella Childcare

Dianella Early Learning Centre is a well-conceived design using a variety of complimentary materials not only to each other, but also to the surrounding context. The design draws inspiration from the residential design characteristics found within the context of the suburb of Dianella whilst also providing a functional commercial outcome. Actus have taken a playful approach to the design by including a horizontal curved form and the introduction of first floor trees, raised garden beds, shade sails, and pops of colour that play with translucency and transparency.
The project began with a feasibility study to determine how many childcare placements were viable within the site and development of the brief shortly followed. The outcome was to design a ‘fun’ 2 storey childcare building providing for 92 children and 17 staff, that respected the naturally sloping topography and supported connection to the existing Grand Promenade pedestrian walkways. To avoid forcing the development into an undesirable split-level design, multiple site arrangements were tested for the best-case outcome on the site. The arrangements were tested against principles including, solar passive principles, visual bulk, accessibility, connection, and visual amenity.  The design was presented to the City of Stirling DRP on 2 separate occasion and Actus worked tirelessly to deliver an outcome that was both feasible, desirable, and endorsed by the DRP across all SPP7 design outcomes.  The Metro-Inner North JDAP unanimously approved the design, and we are so existing to see the build completed.

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